LINSTOR-Proxmox v8.0.0

(reposted on Roland’s behalf)

Dear PVE on LINSTOR/DRBD users,

after some calmer period I’m happy to announce the final version 8.0.0
that includes two new features, but let me first notice that this
version needs LINSTOR 1.27.0 or later!

We did not find any bugs in the RC, for your convenience the last RC
announce mail:

  • reassigning disks from one VM to another
  • online migration of external storage like LVM to LINSTOR/DRBD

Reassining disks:
In order to allow reassigning disks between VMs we had to change the
naming scheme. New disks (also clones of old ones) will have names like
“pm-12cf742a_101” on PVE level, and “pm-12cf742a” on LINSTOR/DRBD level.
This is a static prefix (“pm-”), 8 characters of a UUID, and on PVE
level the VMID separated by an underscore (“_101”). The new naming
obsoletes the old “vm-101-disk-1” like names. Old VMs with legacy names
still work with version 8 of the plugin. For the user this change should
be completely transparent and should not require any changes besides
getting accustomed to the new names.

Online migration from external storage:
So far it was only possible to migrate data from external storage like
LVM to LINSTOR/DRBD if the data was migrated offline. If you want to
migrate data online you can now temporarily set “exactsize yes” in
your “storage.cfg” for a particular DRBD storage and then migrate disks
to it. After you are done, remove the “exactsize” option from the
“storage.cfg” again. The LINSTOR property that allowed temporary online
migration is then deleted when the disk is activated again (but not if
it is currently active). If you want to delete the property for all
active disks after migration, or you want to be extra sure, you can run
a command like this:

# linstor -m --output-version v1 rd l | jq '.[][].name' | \
xargs -I {} linstor rd sp {} DrbdOptions/ExactSize False

Regards, rck

GIT: linstor-proxmox version 8.0.0 · LINBIT/linstor-proxmox@2da369d · GitHub


[Roland Kammerer]

  • show diskless disks in “VM Disks”
  • allow reassigning disks
  • test: add simple test script
  • api: also check for APIAGE
  • add online mv storage
  • fix spelling
  • set allow-two-primaries in RD creation