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News and Release Announcements

News and release announcements from LINBIT, the development and support company behind open source software solutions for HA, DR, and SDS such as DRBD, LINSTOR, DRBD Reactor, LINSTOR Gateway, and others.


DRBD® is open source distributed replicated block storage software for the Linux platform. It is implemented as a kernel driver, several user space management applications, and some shell scripts.


LINSTOR® is an open source software-defined storage (SDS) system that brings management convenience, scalability, and automation to block storage in your deployments.

LINBIT SDS Integrations

LINBIT SDS is the combined DRBD and LINSTOR software stack. LINBIT SDS integrates with many platforms such as Kubernetes, Proxmox VE, OpenNebula, CloudStack, and others. Use this category to discuss these integrations.

DRBD Reactor

DRBD Reactor is a daemon consisting of a core that handles DRBD events processing, and plugins that can react on changes in a DRBD resource. A popular use for DRBD Reactor is as an alternative cluster resource manager (CRM) to create highly available resources by using its promoter plugin.


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