Linstor and KVM host on seperate nodes for cloudstack

can i setup linstor node and KVM hosts on separate nodes for cloudstack and use the linstor as primary storage. currently this scenario is not working for me and getting error. but if a configure linstor satellite and kvm in same node it is working

You will need to run a LINSTOR Satellite on all hypervisor/kvm hosts. What you can do is have separate LINSTOR Satellites that just provide storage. So your hypervisor hosts have only the default “diskless” storage pool configured, while other nodes have the LVM/ZFS storage pools that are actually holding the data.

we have done this but unable to create vm’s, can you elaborate the steps for separating the kvm node and linstor satellite in separate nodes.

Reported error:

Category: RuntimeException
Class name: ApiRcException
Class canonical name: com.linbit.linstor.core.apicallhandler.response.ApiRcException
Generated at: Method ‘createResource’, Source file ‘’, Line #1010

Error message: Satellite ‘compute-2’ does not support the following layers: [DRBD]

Error context:
Satellite ‘compute-2’ does not support the following layers: [DRBD]
Asynchronous stage backtrace:
Error has been observed at the following site(s):
*__checkpoint ⇢ Spawn resource-definition
Original Stack Trace:

Well, it looks like DRBD is not installed, or the installed DRBD version is not new enough. Please make sure you have DRBD >= 9 installed on all nodes.