Error While creating Cloudstack and Linstor in disaggregated method

Iam trying to seperate kvm host and linstor satellite in different servers for the cloudstack, iam getting below error while creating vms. when both kvm and linstor satellite are in same node cloudstack is working fine with advanced networking. cant able to find any documentation for separating the linstor satellite and kvm hosts.

Jun 20 13:20:46 compute-2 java[2052]: at [Source: (String)“[{“ret_code”:-4611686018407202506,“message”:“Autoplacer could not find diskless stor pool on node compute-2 matching resource-groups autoplace-settings”,“details”:“Node: compute-2, Resource: ‘cs-cb1362b3-e34e-4c92-9908-d704de9bb97c’”,“obj_refs”:{“RscDfn”:“cs-cb1362b3-e34e-4c92-9908-d704de9bb97c”,“Node”:“compute-2”},“created_at”:“2024-06-20T13:20:46.190923Z”}]”; line: 1, column: 332] (through reference chain: com.linbit.linstor.api.model.ApiCallRcList[0]->com.linbit.linstor.api.model.ApiCallRc[“created_at”])
Jun 20 13:20:46 compute-2 java[2052]: #011at com.fasterxml.jackson.da