LINSTOR Operator v2.5.1

This contains updated LINSTOR, CSI driver and DRBD versions, as well as default priority class settings for all components.

The LINSTOR 1.27.1 release fixes issues with new ZFS versions, along with other small bug fixes around storage pools with different allocation granularity.

The LINSTOR CSI driver enables the creation of LINSTOR-to-LINSTOR backups using regular VolumeSnapshot resources.

A recent release of the “thin-send-recv” tool turned out to not be fully backward compatible, which broke LINSTORs “Backup to S3” feature. We have temporarily rolled back to a previous version of this tool in our container images.

The new DRBD 9.2.9 release fixes an issue that was triggered by the CSI drivers resource deletion procedure. If encountered, it would cause the node to potentially crash. We have also added support for the newly released Ubuntu 24.04.

To upgrade, either point your kustomization.yaml at the new manifest:


Or, if using helm, upgrade the linstor-operator chart:

$ helm repo update
$ helm upgrade linstor-operator linstor/linstor-operator --wait

To get specific instructions to apply the update, check our users guide.

If you need to upgrade from Operator v1, check out our upgrade guide.

Source code is, as always, available upstream.


  • Default PriorityClasses for all components


  • New DRBD loader detection for:
    • Ubuntu Noble Numbat (24.04)
  • Updated images:
    • LINSTOR 1.27.1
    • LINSTOR CSI 1.6.0
    • DRBD 9.2.9
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