LINSTOR Gateway v1.5.0

LINSTOR Gateway – v1.5.0

A new version of LINSTOR Gateway has been released: v1.5.0

We recommend all users to upgrade to the new version.

LINBIT Customers can get the corresponding packages directly from the LINBIT customer repositories.

For non-customers, check out the README on GitHub to get started with LINSTOR Gateway.


The most interesting feature in this release is a behavior change when creating a resource. LINSTOR Gateway will now monitor the resource for a few seconds after creating it to ensure that the underlying service actually started.
The heuristic is: if the resource becomes “InUse” on any node, and then stays “InUse” on that same node for five seconds, we consider it running.
This feature should vastly improve the user experience in case a resource agent encounters an error while starting a service.

Other than that, there have been a few improvements to the check-health command, as well as some changes to make our integration tests more thorough.

Thank you for using and testing LINSTOR Gateway. As always, please report any bugs you may encounter using the GitHub issue tracker.