Linstor-gateway on diskless satellites

I’m trying to setup an HA NFS server with linstor-gateway. The cluster has 2 combined nodes and 5 satellite nodes. The disks are on the combined nodes and all the 5 satellite nodes are diskless.

When I run “linstor-gateway nfs create” it fails because it’s trying to create the reactor config on the diskless satellites.

How can I make linstor-gateway create the config only on the nodes that have disks ?



could you share some more information about what exactly is failing? Error messages in journal and/or dmesg should usually be a good hint.

Usually, drbd-reactor will try to start the service on a diskful node. It will only attempt to start on a diskless node if no diskful nodes are available.

Technically speaking, this happens because drbd-reactor imposes a 6-second delay before trying to promote a resource on a diskless node, so the diskful nodes have a “head start”.

So if it’s trying to promote the resource on a diskless node, that is only because it already failed on the diskful nodes.

The error is not with drbd-reactor but with linstor-gateway, when setting up the service:

root@srv-nas2-dc:~# linstor-gateway nfs create nfs-server 50G --allowed-ips= --resource-group=nfs-rg
ERRO[0025] failed to create nfs resource: failed to start resources: failed to attach reactor configuration: error attaching file to resource: Message: '(Node: 'srv-prox1-dc') Failed to create temporary file in directory: /etc/drbd-reactor.d'; Reports: '[664219A9-A35B9-000002]' next error: Message: 'Deployed /etc/drbd-reactor.d/linstor-gateway-nfs-nfs-server.toml on resource 'nfs-server' on 'srv-nas2-dc'' next error: Message: 'Deployed /etc/drbd-reactor.d/linstor-gateway-nfs-nfs-server.toml on resource 'nfs-server' on 'srv-nas1-dc'' next error: Message: 'Modification of resource definition 'nfs-server' failed due to an unknown exception.'; Details: 'Resource definition: nfs-server'; Reports: '[660D8D32-00000-000007]'

It fails because drbd-reactor is not installed on node srv-prox1-dc which is diskless. I would like that linstor-gateway does not try to configure on the diskless nodes but only on diskfull nodes (srv-nas1-dc and srv-nas2-dc).

LINSTOR Gateway will attempt to configure a DRBD resource on three nodes for quorum purposes. You’ll need to install DRBD Reactor on all nodes in the LINSTOR cluster regardless of nodes being diskfull/diskless. DRBD Reactor will create configurations on the diskless nodes for each resource’s diskless/quorum/TieBreaker component.