Drbd-utils 9.28.0

Dear DRBD users,

this is drbd-utils version 9.28.0. We did not find any bugs since the
last RC, for your convenience the announce mail from the RC:

In contrast to the recent releases this one contains a bit more exciting

  • 8.3 code is gone

  • events2: netlink messages (used between utils in user space and the
    kernel module) can be sent out of order. So far this was more
    theoretical, but more modern kernels actually seem to actually make
    use of it. We put code in place that reorders such messages if sent
    out of order. This is particularly important for software that depends
    on events2 processing. The actual impact might vary, but just to name
    a few that make use of events2 processing: drbd-reactor, drbdmon,

  • udev: drbdsetup got a new “udev” subcommand that replaces drbdadm’s
    “sh-udev” command. This allows to have the actual (in kernel) state
    reflect the udev state more closely compared to drbdadm which used res
    file information. It avoids problems if the res file can not be parsed
    or problems if the hostname is not set yet (e.g., systemd-udev starts
    before the hostname is set). All in all we hope this solves udev
    related issues we saw previously.

there are all kinds of fixes and improvements all over the place like
improved Pacemaker support for 2.1.7, or tweaks for the promotion score
if force-io-error is true, which will help drbd-reactor. More details
can be found in the changelog or the git history.

Regards, rck


  • events2: set may_promote:no promotion_score:0 while
  • drbdsetup,v9: show TLS in connection status
  • drbdsetup,v9: add udev command
  • 8.3: remove
  • crm-fence-peer.9.sh: fixes for pacemaker 2.1.7
  • events2: improved out of order message handling

GIT: Prepare 9.28.0 · LINBIT/drbd-utils@ba2ce90 · GitHub
TGZ: https://pkg.linbit.com//downloads/drbd/utils/drbd-utils-9.28.0.tar.gz

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